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The Singapura is a naturally occurring cat, originating in Singapore where he is sometimes referred to as the ‘drain cat’. They are a single colour of a warm ivory base coat with brown ticking, sometimes known as bunny ticking. The Singapura is medium in size, the females verging on small to medium, elegant and lithe conveying an impression of delicacy.

The first cats were imported into the USA in the mid-1970s and other breeders, attracted by the rather special looks of the Singapura, took an interest in developing the breed which resulted in the happy outcome of a fairly wide gene pool to build on. The modern cat is very similar to the original early imports. They are active and affectionate, sensitive with a gentle voice and like to be close to their humans.

In 1994 a single Singapura was registered with the GCCF, and in 2003 the number was 82, so there has been a gradual growth in the popularity of the breed in the UK.

Although Singapura have no particular health problems, it makes good sense to insure your cats.  Many breeders sell their kittens with six weeks free insurance cover.  More and more owners are now insuring their pets as advances in veterinary medicine, plus the soaring costs of drugs can mean astronomical bills.

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